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Resurrection on IGN E-mail
Written by Darkinfinity   
Friday, 10 April 2009

Now here's some stuff in english on


Painkiller - Ressurection E-mail
Written by Darkinfinity   
Friday, 10 April 2009

What should i say? Read the press release about the next sequel from Painkiller. We're very proud and excited to be in the dev Team for this game!

German press release

 English press release should be out this days.



Blood's News... E-mail
Written by BloodBuster   
Monday, 23 February 2009


Having united forces with rock ‘n’ roll legends Metallica for encore performances and recordings throughout the years, GRAMMY® Award-nominated heavy metal vocalist and Mercyful Fate frontman King Diamond will take to the cyber-stage with Metallica this spring in Activision Publishing Inc.’s Guitar Hero® Metallica®.

PS3 et al:

Killzone 2 gets the hands-on treatment at Blastmagazine who reckon it is easily the “most graphically powerful FPS out there”. Read the hands-on here:

Activision's upcoming FPS Singularity for the PS3, X-Box and the PC now has another trailer – check it out, it looks pretty cool!

Visit the main site for more:

NecroVisioN Delayed... E-mail
Written by BloodBuster   
Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, Men of War, and NecroVisioN are now set to launch on February 27th according to 505 Games

Universe-Edition E-mail
Written by Darkinfinity   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
JoWood announced a new Collectors-Edition of Painkiller. Released on the 20th of March the "Universe-Edition" includes: Painkiller, Battle out of Hell and Overdose. For all the collectors of us surely a must-have.
Patch Released E-mail
Written by Darkinfinity   
Friday, 18 January 2008

The Patch is out, the Patch is out, the Patch is out............

Download it here at

Release Notes !

Overdose Patch delayed E-mail
Written by Darkinfinity   
Monday, 14 January 2008
The Overdose patch will be delayed some more (end of this week or next week) due to some localization issues. The benefit of this is that the patch will work with all versions of Overdose. Stay tuned.
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Behind the Xhairs

Live from Dick Cheney's undisclosed location, it's the T'krau Show! Tonight, it's our End Of The Year Special, where we look back at the highs, lows, and assorted other directions from 2007, with guests Alyx Vance, DirectX 10, and some other folks we haven't thought of yet! And now, HEEEEERRRREEE'S T'krau! ** appaluse appaluse applause **

Thanks Duke! Duke Nukem, ladies and gentlemen! And since you're here, we may as well start with you - I heard that your franchise may actually be back on life-support, Duke! That's wonderful news, isn't it? ** polite sporatic applause **

Yeah, me and the missus were totally blown away when the call came thru. It's good to know that someone still remembers the Duke-meister after all these years, especially after that fool Sam got all that attention last year. I was around when Sam was still knee-high to a trigger guard, but does anyone remember that?

Whoa, easy there, big guy...things are looking up for you! No need to be so cranky, is there?

I suppose not, but jeez, man - Britney Spears gets more press than I do, and all she does is lose her undies and her kids, shave her head, and act like she's been drinking bong-water!

Yeah, right, whatever. So anyway, we're happy for you or something blah blah blah. Let's bring out my first guest, OK? In 2007, MicroLimp(c) finally pushed it's long-promised new operating system out of the womb and on to store shelves (if not the hard drives they were aiming for) everywhere. One of the 'features' it includes is the next incarnation of Pretty Picture Coding, who is here with us tonight. Please welcome DirectX 10! ** applause applause ** So, DX, what's new? How're things going so far for you?

Pretty good, T'krau. It's been a rather rocky start, but things seem to be sorting themselves out, and for that I should be grateful, I guess.

For those who labor under the impression that Ubuntu-flavored Linux is the next big thing (certain German ex-pats in NL come to mind), tell us what it is that you do.

Well, I suppose that can be summed up simply by saying that whatever that has-been DX 9 can do, I can do better.

Such as...?

Everything, man! I'm talking The Total Package here!


There ain't no 'buts' about it! I'm a superior product, plain and simple!

Give us an example, a specific that shows us what you do that is better.

Oh, man...OK, water! I can do water better than any previous DX version. My water is a gazillion times better than before! My water looks wetter than ever before! Same with particle physics - before, you'd get maybe a dozen chunks of flying body when you set off the UberSuperDuperBomb. With me, you get THREE dozen individually processed, completely unique and practically real-time randomised chunks per explosion! How about THAT?!?

Isn't that the same claim made by the Phys-X people?

Is it? I'm not really sure about that bit, actually...look, I was told by Uncle Bill and the good folks up in Redmond that I'm the culmination of years of DX research, and that the sun rises and sets on my very existence, dammit! Isn't that good enough for you? There are rumors that a lot of games don't really show off your 'superiority' all that well, and that a number of independent benchmarks have shown that frame rates actually suffer under your care, as opposed to XP.

Communist propaganda. Pay it no heed. Their mind powers will have no effect on you, do you understand? NO effect!

...ooookay. And finally, what about the rumors floating around that you, and your host system, have some sort of elitist mentality? By that, I mean that you won't even speak to a system that your older sibling would have thrived in.

Look, all I can say about that is, if you want to play with the big boys, you gotta have big toys. Trust me, after you spend the money to replace your piece-of-crap 7900GTX, piddly-ass 1gb of RAM ( gig, hehehe...that's cute...), and that wimped-out XP, you'll THANK me! Remember what I said about the water? New Is Better. Remember that.

Right. OK, well, thanks for being here tonight. We'll be right back. ** applause applause applause **

_________________________ _________________________

We're back, and our next guest is here to talk about some of the things we DIDN'T see this past year. Please welcome, straight from her smash appearance in The Orange Box, Alyx Vance. **appaluse applause whistle whistle whistle applause ** Good to see you again, Alyx!

It's good to be here, T'krau - I haven't seen you since the train ride out of City 17, when all hell broke loose. What a ride that was, eh?

Oh yeah. How've you been? I haven't seen it yet, but I hear that your latest performance is another must be proud.

Yes, it's a good feeling. We're all proud of what we've done so far, and look forward to seeing what happens next. But that's not why I'm here tonight, is it?

No, it's not. We asked Alyx (noted Helpful Person that she is) to be here tonight to give us a look at some titles that didn't quite make it out the door in the past year...Alyx?

Thanks, T'! Well, this past year has seen a LOT of remarkable titles come out - besides our own humble offering, we've seen an Art Deco Experiment In Underwater Societal Perfection Gone Horribly Wrong And Narrated By A Guy With A Bad Scottish Accent And Even Has Dead Cats with 'Bioshock'; the first purely DX 10 tile in 'Crysis'...(See, I TOLD you! I TOLD YOU!!! I have validity! People WANT me, dammit! Hey! Leggo of me! Do you know who I AM?!?) Sorry about that - that guy's just too pushy...anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, we even saw a re-emergence of one of our host's favorites with 'Painkiller Overdose.' Those were what we DID see, but what about what we DIDN'T see? I've got a small list of works that didn't quite make it, for one reason or another. For example, PoopCrap's attempt to turn an old classic into something fresh and new. I refer, of course, to 'Tetris: Deathmatch Extreme!' We have a clip here, can we roll it now? Ah there - as you see, it's not nearly as much fun as PoopCrap thought it'd be to blow up one of those hard-to-place L shaped blocks, even if it is your little brother's.

There was Google's attempt at entering the game market, which resulted in their only real product failure to date - 'Google MapQuest M.M.O.' Let's just say that 'Everquest' has nothing to worry about.

We also didn't see (thank God) a project that I was almost involved in, but was lucky enough to get out of doing - 'Alyx vs. Lara - Who's Are BIGGER?!?' The project was scrapped after market research showed that most people over the age of 12 really didn't care (I'd care!) (Grow up, Duke.) (Besides, she'd win. Easy.) (SHUT up, Duke!).

And then there was this little an effort to market to America's spiritually conservative market, Godly Games (not to be confused with G.O.D. Games, home of Serious Sam) tried to launch 'Revelations Online - the Ultimate Deathmatch!', but made the mistake of being hosted on a server farm who's primary crop is gay porn. Upon learning this, G.G. blew the development budget on lawyers in an effort to get out of the contract. It's all mired down in the courts right now, and with any luck, it'll stay there.


Ah...thanks Akyx. Well people, that's about it for tonight. I want to thank DirectX 10 (See?!? I SAID that you'd thank me!!! I TOLD YOU!!!) (Alyx, can I borrow your Glock for a moment, please?...*BLAM!*...thank you...) and Alyx Vance for being here tonight. Happy New Year, y'all!

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